Glow End Extension Cord, 25-Foot


  • Extension cord LED lighted ends glow to indicate the cord is powered and ready to use, visible even in daylight
  • 12/3 extension cord that helps deliver maximum power to tools, equipment and appliances rated up to 15A/125V/1875W
  • 25-Foot extension cord can extend across worksites
  • SJEOW jacket is durable and remains flexible in weather conditions ranging from -58 to 167 Degree Fahrenheit (-50 to 75 Degree Celsius)
  • Heavy-Duty strain relief to absorb stress on the wires to help extend the lifespan of the cord
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use
  • High visibility, bright orange jacket making it easy to locate the extension cord on jobsite floors
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The 桃子视频 25-Foot Glow End Extension Cord is equipped with LED indicators that illuminate 20 times brighter than standard indicators when powered. This unique design features glowing male and female plug ends, providing optimal visibility for indication and convenience on the job. Its heavy-duty 12/3 AWG construction is engineered to withstand both indoor and outdoor conditions. With the added advantage of a flexible SJEOW jacket, this extension cord excels in extreme temperatures, ensuring reliable power on-site or at home.

Power Cord
Power Distribution On The Jobsite
Special Features:
LED Lighted Plug Ends
Input Port:
NEMA 5-15P
Output Port:
NEMA 5-15R
12AWG / 300V, 15A, 1875W
Cord Length:
25' (0.635 m)
Plug - PVC; Jacket - TPE
Overall Length:
25' (762 cm)
Overall Width:
1.2'' (3.10 cm)
Overall Height:
1.5'' (3.81 cm)
For Use With:
29610 PowerHub 1, 29601 PowerBox 1
3.37 lb (1.53 kg)
Additional Information
  • Risk of electrical shock. DO NOT expose to rain or snow
  • DO NOT exceed maximum power rating of device (1875W)
  • DO NOT use the product if damaged
  • See instruction label for additional warnings