1.5 Man Wall Assembly, Rail System


  • 1.5 Man Wall Assembly easily attaches to utility buckets with quick release and adjustable clamps
  • Made with UV resistant, dielectric plastic to withstand all work conditions from -25 to +125-Degree Fahrenheit,1000V to 35kV
  • Multiple rails on the Bucket Work Center Wall Assembly allow horizontal and vertical customization of module positioning
  • 50-Pound load rating for each rail on the wall assembly
  • Special design bumpers allow Rail System to stay in place during transit and articulation of aerial buckets
  • The Wall Assembly Rail System is available in 3 sizes to accommodate the standard 1-man, 1.5 man, or 2 man buckets (Cat. Nos. BC100WA, BC200WA sold separately)
  • The Bucket Work Center is an ecosystem that will revamp the way a Lineman works
  • Lineman can transform their workspace with the Bucket Work Center modules to become the Lineman's office, similar to how other professionals customize their office space
  • Bucket Work Center Modules (sold separately) connect to the inside or outside of the Wall Assembly Rail System to maximize space
  • Features (4) inside and (1) outside rail for customization
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Customize your own bucket work center
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The Bucket Work Center is an ecosystem that will revamp the way a Lineman works. It allows Lineman to customize their workspace, just like other professionals customize their office space. The 1.5 Man Wall Assembly Rail System was designed for the standard 1.5 man aerial bucket. This will be the Lineman's office. The Bucket Work Center easily connects to aerial buckets with a standard 2-Inch or 3-Inch (5.1 or 7.6 cm) bucket lip. Is made of impact resistant materials with dielectric properties to withstand all work conditions from -25 to +125 degrees F, 1000V to 35kV. An assortment of modules are available to customize each workstation to fit the tools needed for the job.

Ecosystem for Lineman Utility Buckets
Special Features:
Easily Attaches to Utility Buckets with Quick Release and Adjustable Clamps
Overall Length:
22.77'' (57.8 cm)
Overall Height:
15.94'' (40.5 cm)
Overall Width:
4.4'' (11.2 cm)
UV Resistant PVC
For Use With:
Bucket Work Center Rail System Modules
180.2 oz (5109 g)
Additional Information
  • No Tether Point
  • Not For Human Support
  • Max Load 50 lbs (22.7kg) Per Rail